updated Aug 9, 2021

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10 Remodeling Projects With the Best ROI

Top 10 Remodeling Projects That Deliver the Best ROI (Denver)

Wood costs have skyrocketed over the last year. The report below shows that curb appeal projects continue to provide the biggest returns. In fact, nine out of the top ten high-return projects (nationwide) focus on home exteriors. The list includes new garage doors, manufactured stone veneer installation, wood deck additions, as well as siding replacement and window projects. Great info for both new Denver homeowners and those getting ready to sell. 

2021 Cost to Value Report

Manufactured stone veneer - 91%

Curb appeal could be your ticket to commanding top dollar for your home. Manufactured stone veneer is a popular home improvement material typically made of concrete and aggregate materials that have been pressed into molds. Adding faux stone veneer to your home is an affordable way to add value to the interior or exterior of your home.  And that's why investing in manufactured stone veneer  makes sense. In the 2021 COST VS VALUE REPORT, the average cost to install manufactured stone veneer in $10,575, of which you'll add $9,623 of resale value. That means you'll recoup 91% of your cost.

Garage Door Replacement - 91%

New garage doors can make a home look and function better. The average cost to replace garage doors is $3,991. Of that, you can expect to add $3,632 of value when you go to sell your property. All told, you'll recover 91% of your investment.

Siding Replacement | Vinyl - 81.5%

Minor Kitchen Remodel | Midrange - 81%

Rather than go all-out on an upgrade, consider a minor remodel.  Sprucing up your kitchen with some small DIY projects can have a big ROI when it comes time to sell your home. The right lighting can improve a home’s presentation for showings and online photos.

Window Replacement | Wood - 79.6%

Window Replacement | Vinyl - 76.8%

Deck Addition| Wood - 74.9%

Deck Addition | Composite - 72.8%

Siding Replacement | Fiber/Cement - 71.1%

Fiber cement won't rot or warp over time. The average cost to put in fiber cement siding is $19,294. Of that, you can expect to add $13,726 of resale value to your home, which means you'll recoup 71.1% of your outlay.

Bath Remodel | Universal Design - 69.9%



2019 Top Remodeling Projects (Denver)


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