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9 Reasons to Use a Realtor When Building New


The top three reasons why Denver Metro home buyers want new construction are to avoid renovations or problems with plumbing/electricity, having the ability to choose and customize design features, and wanting the amenities of new home construction communities.

With new construction communities popping up all over the Front Range, it's important to make smart decisions, from choosing a reputable builder and the right neighborhood to opting for finishes and upgrades that work for your budget now, as well as resale value down the road.

Buying new construction is certainly an attractive option. You select the perfect lot, floorplan and finishes—then your dream home is built to your exact specifications. So, where does a realtor fit into the process?

Here we explore all the advantages of working with an agent, from negotiating the sale to ensuring a superior final product that you’ll be proud  to call home

  1. Working with a Reputable Builder  

    An experienced realtor knows the local market, which builders are constructing new homes and if they can be trusted to deliver quality. An agent can also network with their contacts to look at a builder’s track record and buyer satisfaction rates, as well as identify any potential red flags.
  2. Choosing the Ideal Denver Neighborhood  

    Your agent will help you find an area that fits your lifestyle—schools, work commute, proximity to great restaurants and more. They’ll also guide you in making a smart financial decision, advising you on future resale potential to ensure you don’t overpay or overbuild for the neighborhood.
  3. Representation During the Sale 

     While they might be incredibly friendly, sales agents ultimately work for the builder. Their goal is to close the best possible deal for their side of the table, not yours. The only way to protect your best interests is to go into the transaction with a professional that has your back from the start
  4. Better Pricing, Promos & Terms  

     Did you know that new construction prices are negotiable? And builders may even run promos? An agent who understands the market and knows how builders operate will explore all avenues to secure the best possible deal and home price, so your investment pays off down the road.
  5. Upgrades Versus Budget & Resale 

     Though a new build’s base price might be reasonable, it’s easy to fall in love with the upgrades featured in the model home. However, owning the neighborhood’s biggest, most extravagant home may not be sensible. An agent will help you make sound choices for both budget and resale.
  6. Ensuring the Right-Fit Financing   

    Builders may offer incentives to work with their “preferred” lenders. While tempting, it’s always best to shop around and compare your options. Contact me today, I can easily point you in the direction of multiple, reputable lenders that have helped other buyers in a similar position as you. 
  7. Guidance Throughout the Build 

    How involved you want your agent to be is up to you. They can be present at every meeting and walk-through with a builder. They’ll decode the jargon, represent you if there’s an issue and help to make sure everything comes together according to your timeline, budget, and expectations.
  8. Your Advocate from Start to Finish - 

    From contracts to warranties and the ever-important inspection (yes, even on a new build), an agent will guide you through all the complex processes along the way. They’ll explain your rights and responsibilities, protect you from being pressured and stand up for your best interests.
  9. A Real Estate Agent Costs You $0 - 

    If the first eight reasons to work with a realtor on a new build don’t have you convinced, here’s the kicker. The builder pays for an agent’s commission. You’ll pay absolutely zero to have their experience, knowledge and no-nonsense negotiation skills on your side from start to finish.

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