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Located in  Southwest Denver are highly sought after, affordable,  ranch-style homes constructed in the 1950s. These are mid-century modern (MCM) homes designed by the famed builder, Cliff May. These are the first prefabricated ranch houses in Denver and they are made from modular parts that could be arranged in different ways to suit the owner's preferences. Harvey Park neighborhood, bounded by West Hampden Avenue, South Sheridan and Lowell boulevards, and West Jewell Avenue, boasts a selection of Denver's best and most affordable mid-century modern homes.  

Mid Century Modern Cliff May homes in Harvey Park have these characteristic features:


Private courtyards provide natural light and private green & relaxing space as an extension of the living space.

Clif May Courtyard

  • POST-and-BEAM Construction

Cliff May homes are highly customizable. The interior walls are not structural and can be moved or removed with ease.  This provides great flexibility in the interior planning of the home.


This is one of the most popular house plans today. The living spaces blend into each other, a great way to maximize space and create a sense of spaciousness.


These offer uninterrupted views of the courtyard/backyard fostering "indoor & outdoor connections" as well as providing light to the interior of the home

Clerestory Windows Cliff May


Large triangular clerestory windows at each end of the house, bringing in a large amount of natural light, and making the roof appear to float above the exterior walls


Present in every room, vaulted ceilings adds light and volume, creating a more spacious feeling. Bathrooms with vaulted ceilings provide better ventilation, easier to dryout after a steamy shower 


Many of the Cliff May homes in Harvey Park still have their original siding - in good condition.

Cliff May Home Siding


Many owners have discovered the oak under years of ugly carpet

  • Detached garage or carport

Acts as part of the courtyard enclosure

Who is Cliff May?

Considered as the father of the "California Ranch Style" house, Cliff May was a self-taught architect passionate about bringing the outdoors inside the home. Now known as a Mid Century icon, Cliff May's biggest contribution was a method of prefabrication that enabled him to bring his fresh and innovative design concepts to the average post-war families.

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