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Buy vs rent is a question that often comes up in the mind of a seasoned vacationer. While there are many things to consider, here are the top three reasons why recent second home buyers, Jason and Christine, chose to buy instead of booking a rental each year. And, if you’re interested in looking to see what’s out there and discover Metro Denver's communities and homes that fit the lifestyle you’re looking for in a second home, check out the latest homes for sale in the Denver Metro area. 



Rent or Buy Vacation Home Denver


Top Reasons to Buy a Vacation Home in Denver Metro 

1. Flexibility

Popular vacation destinations are competitive to book which means that plans have to be made far in advance, often 6 months to a year ahead of time. That can be hard to do when juggling work schedules, the kids’ activities, and what happens when plans change? “Now we can decide at the drop of a hat to take off and be in vacation mode without any planning, preparation, or stress. I’m setting it up so I can even work remotely and extend our weekend stays.” says Jason. 



2. Comfort

As Christine put it, “A second home is exactly that, it’s like being home somewhere else. Vacations are great but now that we own, I don’t have to choose between what we are able to pack and what we want when we’re there. It was always such a stress, and now that’s completely gone, everything we want is there whenever we choose to go.” They’re also more comfortable inviting other families to spend time with them since there aren’t guest limits or hard dates that must be kept, making it much easier for their kids to invite friends.



3. Investment in family time

“We saw this as an investment in spending as much time as we could as a family enjoying the things we love to do”, says the couple. Vacations are a time when nearly all regular routine obligations go out the window and the spontaneous and adventurous spirit of their kids allows them to create some of the most lasting memories and reconnect as a family. A study by the Kelton company supports that, as 82% of time spent with the family while on vacation is considered “quality time” as compared to less than 50% while at home. Families tend to be freer, more excited, and sillier while on vacation, which is indicative of living in the moment. 



Some Things to consider first



Of course the idea of owning a vacation home is exciting but to make a smart decision, you need to consider local market conditions, maintenance and upkeep, tax implications for your intended use, insurance, and finances to name a few. However, with careful planning and consideration, a second home can bring lasting enjoyment for years to come. So go ahead and start discovering, it’s fun even just to dream!



As always, my job and commitment to you as your Denver Metro real estate pro is to be your expert advisor on all considerations related to a home transaction so you can focus on the benefits while I make sure you have and understand all information you need to make a great decision. If you have questions or concerns about the process or whether or not it’s the right time for you I’m here to help you plan. Contact me at 303.887.0588 or email